CarolPSYCHIC PROFILE – Carol Whitfield Alberts

I am a medium and channel passed over souls for their living loved one’s. Just a little about myself……

I started “hearing voices” and “seeing” souls at the tender age of 5 as far as I can remember. I grew up in a very strict moral based Christian family and in our era it was taboo to talk of such things.

I never told anyone about the voices and images and kept my abilities a secret. At first I tried to deafen the voices and cloud the images but the strength of my Spirit Guide “Shalo” instilled a deep seated need to explore what i was experiencing. At the age of about 13, I experienced astral travel in full colour for the first time and I awoke outside and elevated above my body…..

Shalo, my Spirit Guide has been with me since I can remember. A Native American Indian who initiates contact beyond the veil and offers me guidance and protection.

Over the years I developed my spiritual ability with intense soul searching, reading available literature and endless researching and experimenting, which confirmed that my gift of communication with those that have passed on is an avenue I needed to explore in order to give back to the universal Source..

I’m a Server Soul passionate about helping souls get messages across to their living and assisting humans to explore their spiritual journey on the earth plane. I now connect to souls who have passed over on a regular basis and channel for their living on this plane with a message.

I’m married and have 8 children, who are my passion. Family is my core. I generally read and connect best from photos.  Please note that passed soul’s cannot be summoned to communicate unless they have a desire to connect or have a message that needs to be given.

It is important to know that spirit will only connect when the timing is divine and when you are ready to hear. Time on earth’s plane is nothing like spirit’s time, so patience is key. A little of how it transpires for me:

  • I hear and see souls continuously so it’s like a movie playing in fast forward. Spirit does not communicate in earthly language and in my case, I get mumblings and symbols, like a game of charades. I also get taken through specific passings. ie. A drowning will leave me retching and fighting to breathe. I see souls in their human form and I suppose it is so I can relate to the photograph’s that are posted. I also hear spirit’s voice tone.

It is important to understand that different mediums connect differently. Emotions, like fear, anger, heartache and also sensed very strongly while I am connecting to a subject which leads to a tremendous drain on my energies. In translation from the Spiritual realm, one needs to remain compassionate, yet truthful.

We all possess spiritual gifts but we are so indoctrinated and brain-washed by society, parents, schools, churches that we suppress these abilities. We are sculpted that way from our very earth day (birth). Like with most things, we need to practice our gifts to retain them. Often our logical brains will kick in and attempt to convince us we are imagining apparent revelations and that we may just be psychotic, when we use our intuition.

I suggest reading the book ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ by Dr Brian Weiss – a very enlightening read and a good place to start in redesigning how your brain has been trained. Please don’t believe everything you are told – research for yourself to find your own truth.

I offer the following services either on-line, via Skype or by personal appointment via the email address

  • Cross-overs
  • General soul connection Readings
  • Spiritual Life coaching sessions (couples therapy, childrens sessions, individual coaching)
  • Auric Personality readings
  • Regressions
  • Astral Healings and Visitations
  • Home clearings (personal attendance to home only)

Sending Love, light and abundant blessings to each and every soul and trusting that I can be an integral part of discovery on your own personal journey in finding “YOUR TRUTH”


And so it is….

Carol xxx



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