The Truth About Spirit Guides


Spirit Guides

CHANNELLED MESSAGE (with thanks to Sharon Rowe)

We come to you with peace in our hearts. Today is a day for celebration as we impart age old knowledge upon you.
No more pedestals and no more seperations. Do not think that we are apart or seperate from you. We ARE you!!….
Every life experience reflects in our core and shines from our heart centre. We have been everywhere with you. We are you!
We carry every reincarnation within us and when you call upon us, you call upon your higher self too. We are connected through experience.
Our teachings are your learnings for we are you. Your lessons have already been shared with us for we are one.
We bring your own understandings back to you as you have forgotten your own strength and your own knowledge.
We come to you with humility and a desire to help you to remember your truth.
Take away the labels and put aside the confusion and seek only truth. The truth that lies within each one of you.
So you see Beloveds, we are one. We are you and you are us.
We love you with the power of all that is and we stand in awe at our magnificence
Always yours in service,


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  1. Profound and Inspiring, Thank You Sharon Rowe. Namaste