About Astral Healings


About Astral Healing


The Astral plane of existence is the realm wherein we hold our emotions from both past and present lives. Therefore, releasing emotions from our light body in the astral plane is paramount to the enjoyment / healing of our lives.   It is these hidden emotions that programme the spiritual laws of mankind which form the fabric of what we call our reality on earth. The spiritual laws of mankind cannot be broken and exist regardless of our wishes. However, Astral Healing provides the knowledge to enable the person manipulate energy to be a master in their own right.  Changing the emotionality of our lives to live the life you came here to experience is what Astral healing is about.

Astral Healing allows me to access you easily and also fascilitates all the forces of good in your belief system which are then called into your life. It also gives me a chance to talk to your subconscious and work upon the issues with the subconscious mind. 

In an Astral healing session, I utilise my Guides, Angels and Earth energies together with your Guides and Gatekeepers. The wonderful thing about the astral and healing is that this process can happen in minutes, whereas it can take years (if at all) while in the physical.

We all have wounds that need to be addressed and healed. This can usually be found where there is “blame” directed at someone or something. For example, if we say that our lives could have been better if our parents had put us through school, if God had blessed us more, if that guy at work wasn’t such a jerk, etc, then we can probably find the blame and in turn find the wounds. The healing comes in acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, and responsibility. Blaming others is easy and requires no self analysis. A hard concept for most is to learn that it is not what is said or done to us, but how we react. We can be as miserable, or as happy as we decide to be. What happens to us is not a punishment, but a lesson. In the Astral, I work with your Higher self to allow you to grasp this concept.

There is also the need for physical healing. Visualisation and laying hands on is used in the Astral to shift the vibration of energy to facilitate physical healing. In this way, the astral is used to access your subconscious and get to the root of a thinking pattern that is leading to the problem.

Often when we have come to the end of our earth journey, because of our different beliefs and indoctrination, we are afraid to let go and move to the light. A simple Astral session to communicate with the soul will assist the soul to release fearlessly and move to the light when the time is right. I am also available to do a personal visitation in these cases in order to connect with your loved one who may be afraid of letting go.

I offer the following Astral Healing sessions

  • Physical healing
  • Spiritual healing
  • Emotional healing
  • Crossing-Over assistance

An initial discussion will be invested in and an Astral Healing session then arranged accordingly. Feedback will be required from you after a set time, whereafter another Astral Session will be done, again followed by feedback.

The decision to explore beyond the limits of our physical body can provide an effective method to obtain the answers and insights so many of us so longingly seek. This journey of consciousness from the physical to the spiritual is a reality we cannot escape – our only real decision is when we are going to begin.


Love and precious hugs,

Carol xxx




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