Fiona Van Rensburg (Follow-Up #2)


Dearest Soul Fiona,


We meet for the last time in the Astral Planes. This visitation is facilitated by Bathshiva, Hawkeye, Moonwalker and Red Eagle. They give you their unconditional love.




We meet once again in the beautiful Astral Planes. We are surrounded by deepest blue and we see a river of turquoise light flow below us. Around us we see hundreds are bright stars, which we know to be resting souls. We are also met with a pack of spirit wolves, whose imprint we see watching over us.

You meet us without hesitation, as a being filled with light. You come to us with a silver cloak and long silver hair. It floats around you. There is an air of confidence around you and we are humbled to be with you.

After asking for permission to access the soul personality of the past life memory that has been presented to us, Bathshiva steps forward and places her hands on either side of your face. We see the vibration of magenta fill the hollow of your past life chakra and flow forward. This takes shape as a small child. This child stands before you.

We see you kneel in front of this child and embrace her. You stroke her hair and you speak for a while of forgiveness and unconditional love. We send you both the healing light of Source energy. We stand aside and leave you be for a while although we are always in attendance of this special moment.

We see the magenta light is reabsorbed into your past life chakra and we see the magenta streaks that fill your silver hair. This is a humbling moment to share and we give thanks. All around us, we feel the hundreds of soul energies give light and love to you.

We are satisfied with the healing that has taken place here and thank you for your co-operation. We have been blessed to share this part of your journey with you.




We have met and communicated with the higher self of your soul essence. We have found it fairly easy to communicate as you are already an experienced and highly respected light worker. We have replaced the hollow within your heart centre and closed this energy space. We have also removed a blockage within the sacral chakra and sealed this chakra with a vortex of light. We have assisted in healing both the elbow and foot minor chakras. These are now vibrating as they should be. Lastly, we have brought forward and assisted with the healing of the memory of a past life soul personality that has been presented to us.


We thank you for allowing us this experience and we trust that this aspect of your personal journey has received the healing that is deserved.

much love

Sharron and guides xx

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