Fiona Van Rensburg (Follow-Up #1)


Dearest Soul Fiona,




This meeting has been facilitated by Bathshiva, Hawkeye and Red Eagle. Bubba and Rashika serve as energy guides.


On Thursday 04 August, we travelled once again on our quest to meet with your higher self and seek permission to assist you with removing blockages and apply healing energy to any affected chakras.


We enter the Astral Planes and are met with love, like old friends. Your guides stand in a semi circle behind you, projecting love and support to you. You are peaceful and humble. We see that the planes are dark blue with silver rays of light which are calming and there are many who pass by, offering light energy. We accept their gift of love.


We are guided to your HEART CENTRE to begin our healing session and concentrate on filling the hollow that has been previously mentioned. We send a magenta ray deep into the centre of this chakra and allow it to flow upwards, through your crown. This beautiful, rich ray is drawn back down through to your PAST LIFE CHAKRA, at the base of your skull. You are now wearing a magenta helmet of light. We now place a pink ray of love into your THIRD EYE CHAKRA which is absorbed into your past life chakra. We feel satisfied that we can leave you in this space.

We now move to your SOLAR PLEXUS.  We accept your permission to remove the box and bring it into the light. The box is opened and dissipates into golden light. It looks like sparkles that float upwards. Hawkeye has stepped forward to assist. The box is now transparent and we ask for you to crush it, which you do with ease. We sense relief and we ask for a symbol with which to replace it. You give us dual silver swords and we invite Archangel Michael to blaze the swords with his turquoise healing fire. He is so loving and gentle as he does this and we feel humbled by this gift and his presence. He watches as we place these swords within this space and we begin to funnel white light into this centre. We spend some doing this and we are pleased to see the colour of the golden light of this chakra mingle with the white light of Source. We place a golden globe into the chakra energy and seal this chakra off. We are now at peace with this process

We ask that you extend your arms and are pleased to see that your ELBOW CHAKRA is now vibrating correctly and we see the golden glow surrounded by the blessed silver light of the healing power of Source.

We focus on the FOOT CHAKRAS and note the white energy that is emanating from these chakras. The energy is being anchored into Gaia for your protection and healing assistance.


We have enjoyed sharing this experience with you and award you on your progress and acceptance of all healing processes shared.

We have allowed for one further visitation to assist you in making peace with your PAST LIFE link. This has been scheduled for Saturday 6 Aug. We will post feedback afterwards. We feel that when this has been completed it should not be necessary for further visitations. We praise you on your co-operation and the love shared, as well as the humility and ease with which our energy has been accepted.


with much love always


Bathshiva Hawkeye, Red Eagle, Bubba and Rashika xxx




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