Fiona Van Rensburg


Dearest Fiona,


Firstly, let me thank you for allowing my guides and I permission to connect with you within the Astral Planes. Our meeting was met with humility, love and acceptance. The meeting was facilitated by Bathshiva and Moonwalker, with Hawkeye and Red Eagle as observer and protector. They give you their unconditional love.

The following information is based on our findings and interaction with your Higher Self :-

Upon entering the Astral Planes, we were surrounded by a beautiful healing energy of deep blue with turquoise swirls. These are the colours of peace, transformation and healing. Your Higher Self came through on a vibration of silver and light translucent blue. These colours indicate a deep connection to Source.

Bathshiva stepped forward to greet you and placed a white shawl, lined with gold around your shoulders. This is a gift of love and can be used in your meditations as part of any voluntary follow up sessions.

A holistic scan of your chakras reveals the following (please note that for the purposes of this reading, only the necessary chakras will be mentioned) :-

  • Heart Chakra – your heart space shows an intense golden green ray. This shows a healthy love and respect for all that you do. It is obvious that you love interacting with those in need and your healing scope is wide. At the bottom of this chakra space is a hollow reflecting a possible lack of self love and true acceptance of self worth.
  • Elbow Chakra – your elbow chakra can be found on the inside of the elbow and should vibrate as bright golden yellow. When asked where your blocks connected to the heart space are, you extended your arms forward. This allowed us to see that the vibrational colour extending from your elbow chakra reflected as red. As a healer yourself, you are most likely aware that the elbow is connected to the second and third chakras. That would be your sacral chakra and solar plexus. Once again, a theme of self acceptance is being shown to us. The elbow chakra deals with past wounds and relationships, and the flexibility that we allow, in order for release to flow freely.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra- as you know, your solar plexus chakra should vibrate like a golden ball of light. The colour of ochre emitts its rays from this centre. When investigating further, it can be seen that towards the back of this chakra, is a small closed box. The box represents a memory or memories. The further back the box, the further back the memory. This might suggest a past emotional hurt directly linked to your self esteem, possibly in your early/late teens. The energy around this memory is seen as crystalline stalagmite formations extending from this chakra space. Karma memories are also held in the Solar Plexus region as well as perceptions, self love, self acceptance and acknowledgements.
  • Foot Chakra – The energy vibration of the foot chakra vibrates as red and is directly connected to the first major chakra, being the Base. Your foot chakra vibrates a brilliant and vibrant red which shows no apparent blockage. We can assume then, that this is confirmation of your anchoring to the light of Source energy. This chakra, when vibrating correctly, allows us to fulfil our desires to become multi-dimensional beings, balancing the physical and Higher Self. Your feet are seen firmly together, showing a perfect balance of yin/yang energy.

Past life connection :-

(for the purposes of this healing, we asked for permission for this validation to assist with the above-mentioned findings)

We are given a time frame of late 1800’s/early 1900’s. The location is America. We are taken to a dusty piece of land and we see a small wooden house. We see a town in the distance. The land is dry and the shade is scarce. There are a few lonely items of clothing hanging on a clothes line outside. There is a slight breeze. We see you playing in the dirt yard, within the fence line. You have a small doll that is unclothed. A dirty face and dirty legs kick at the ground as you swirl around with your ‘baby’. It would seem that this is your only companion at this time. We see your hair stands in blonde tufts about your head. We ask why. We are told that you had lice and as treatment, you are covered with a thick tar substance, which carries a heavy, acrid smell. There is no other way, we are told. The result of this treatment is to destroy the nits and lice, however this leaves terrible burns and scabs over your head. We understand that you are lonely and ostracised and your constant companion is your doll. You are uneducated and your age appears to about seven years old.

The resultant emotions of non-acceptance and grief, as well as social conformity, lack of education and material opportunities lies within your subconscious memory and possibly your Sacral Chakra too.

In Summary :-

We see a hard-working lightworker who is a perfectionist and seeks relief. We also see an imbalance of self as you wish to be seen by others with an ache of being unfulfilled. You are always searching and looking for ways to better yourself within your chosen field. You place constraints on yourself to reach higher. We feel that as a result, your blocks are emotional and not spiritual. There is a running thread of possible lack of self worth and wanting to be more.

How we can assist:-

We feel that we would like to assist in removing the blocks highlighted above, which can be done fairly easily. We also know that you would probably like to work on these areas yourself and we recommend this. We would like to connect with your past life memory and bring awareness of forgiveness and self worth. We can do this via our next visitation. We suggest one more visitation and feedback will be provided afterwards. Our next visitation is scheduled for Thursday 4 August.

We trust that the information provided will assist you in your journey forward. This has been shared with love and a total commitment towards your personal healing and development

With much love,


Bathshiva, Moonwalker, Hawkeye and Red Eagle xx



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