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Astral Healing


The Astral world is a vibrational dimension that sits above us. It is said that there are seven different planes within the Astral world and one of them is the Astral plane.

Within the Astral plane, there are different levels yet again, ranging from the lowest or material plane to the highest which may be regarded as a plane of higher learning.

Each of us travels within these Astral realms when we are in our Theta state (dream or meditative state). We can travel and meet up with our loved ones, we can also heal within these planes, chat to our guides and soul group, assist souls to cross over and visit past lives. The list is endless. The reason for this is because when you are in an extreme state of relaxation, your higher self is able to connect through vibrational upliftment.

Indigenous Shamans would often travel the Astral Planes for inspiration and guidance. As a practising Shaman, I do the same. I am able to assist with any form of healing as I connect with your higher self. The higher self is that part of you that is above ego. Ego is what argues right or wrong. So you could say that your higher self is closer to your Soul energy.

Astral healing can include :

– Physical healing (acceptance of emotions blocking physical healing)
– Spiritual healing (Removal and integration of past life blocks)
– Emotional healing (acceptance of self)
– Third eye closure and associated issues (working with children who are gifted)
– Aura block removal and energy adjustment
– Cross over assistance
– Rescue and energy clearing

Contact me for any special request. Please note that an initial discussion may be required. Thereafter full updates after each Astral visit will be provided. Each case is treated separately and time frames vary. Full participation is mandatory in terms of homework and feedback. Feedback sessions are available via Skype or email.

I am here to serve you.

Much love

Sharron x

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